Thursday, April 18, 2013

'P' is for PARTY!

'P' is for Party
'A' is for All Night Long
'R' is for Right On!
'T' is for Take Your Time
'Y' is for Y'all come

An old cheer from my high school days. With the mess going on in Washington, the bombing in Boston, and the explosion in Texas I think we could all do with a little partying this upcoming weekend.

When I was younger, partying meant drinking, smoking and acting like a crazy person. Now that I am middle aged (there - I admitted it), I don't drink anymore. I quit smoking almost 27 years ago, but I can still act crazy. So I began thinking of was to decompress from this week.

1 - Run Away from home. This only works if I don't take my cell phone. They always manage to find me.

2 - Ignore the world and do what I want to do. Yeah, like that'll ever happen!

So this weekend I am going to the garden and spray the existing weeds and vegetation before plowing. Then I'm going to paint garden stakes and get my house in order. If I'm feeling really wild, I might even cook something I've never tried before.

Sounds totally boring right? Well, I've reach the stage of life where boring is sometimes exactly what I need to counterbalance the out of control chaos that is my work. Especially right now in the wake of what happened in Boston.

I do public and private events. Now my public events are going to consist of even more scrutiny than before, which means more chaos and regulations and headaches. More problems for the majority of us who have nothing more in mind than a peaceful happening.

In short., my ideas about partying had significantly changed the older I got. That doesn't mean I don't like to thrown down and boogie to some good music. It just means that the company of good people, with diverse conversation and excellent food can be just as much fun as drinking all night and passing out.

Minus the hangover or urge to puke.


  1. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!

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  2. Oh yeah, age does have a way of changing what is important to us. Your weekend doesn't sound boring at all, but then again, I'm the old lady on the block. ;)

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  4. I agree that the idea for partying changes with age. What one enjoyed in one's youth, is no longer appealing in later years.