Tuesday, April 9, 2013

'H' is for Horses, My Heart and Cause

Today is brought to you by the letter 'H'.

Anyone who knows me learns very quickly I am a passionate advocate for animal rights, especially dogs and horses. I thought at first I might write about the horrific decision by Oklahoma to reopen horse slaughter plants, but then I realized instead of focusing on the plight of excess animals at one end of the pipeline I needed to focus on the truly innocent.

These are nursemaid foals. They are the babies who are ripped from their mother's as soon as 2 days after birth in order for the mother to nurse the foal of a better, more profitable mother; or worse the foals of mares who are kept pregnant to produce urine for female hormone replacement drugs. (Another reason I refused to take hormones.)

Most of these innocent babies are killed by the owner/breeder, usually with a hammer to the skull, for the mere crime of being 'extra'. The only reason they are extra is the big money machines driven by breeders looking for the perfect horse to make them rich, and the labs needing PMU by the tanker.

This picture was taken only days before this little one was taken away from her mother. Luckily for her, and seventeen other nursemaid foals, Pure Thoughts Equine Rescue in Florida has purchased these innocents (that's right, the owner would rather kill them with a hammer than give them away!). These babies will be raised on their farm for many months to come but they will be up for adoption to qualified homes.

What we do to animals, all animals, in the name of money and glory is an abomination. As a species humans should be ashamed. If you are looking to add a pet to your family, whether a cat, dog, donkey, or horse. consider adopting from reputable animal rescues in your area. In doing so, you will save two lives: the one you take home and the one the rescue can save into that spot.

If you are interested in learning more about the Nursemaid Foals of South Florida, please check out: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue Nursemaid Foals on Facebook. Please consider sending a small donation to help with the expense of raising so many infants.

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