Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On this day in history....

February 2Nd.

Groundhog Day.

In 1977, Radio Shack officially began making the TRS-80 computer. Such a short time ago, compared to the rest of history.

Working with computers has been part of my job history since 1985. Less than ten years after the TRS-80 began production. What changes we have experienced.

As children, would our generation have ever dreamed of television with remote controls or telephones you could take with you when you drive? Movies in three dimensions? Gasoline costing more than a meal at McDonald's?

What about the negatives we have experienced in that same time period? Coarse language and nudity accepted on prime time television? Teenagers hooked on prescription drugs they steal from their parents? An entire generation raised without two parent homes and dependant upon the government for their survival?

What would our founding fathers say of this America? Would they be proud of what we have bled and died to maintain? Or would they hang their heads and turn away disgusted with our avarice and complacency?

Make this day in history one you will be proud to point out to your children and your children's children. Take a stand for what you know is right. Stand apart from the masses. Think for yourself!