Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What the heck happened to this year?

OK - today is the 9Th day of November. I have a simple question -

What the hell happened to the rest of this year?

Ever since my mother-in-law died the end of July, the days have been flying past. School started, my daughter had a birthday, my husband had a birthday, I had a birthday, my mother turned 90 - all events that sped past so fast none were given the attention they warranted. Especially my mother's 90Th birthday.

My whole family came to town. Once again, I felt left out of everything. It would be nice to not feel like the outsider inside of my own family. But I've grown comfortable on the outside looking in. Some of the observations of my family become fodder for my characters.

I am still trying to market book one, and I have a new story percolating. Problem? It isn't a fantasy story. It's more of an adventure/romance. I don't normally write pure romance. I can't come up with enough story to carry a romance only book. There has to be a hook for me to want to invest the mental energy to harvest.

Soon, the holidays will be here. Am I ready? No. This will be a hard time for my hubby and his family - the first Christmas without Sue. I don't know what to do to help my kids with the sadness they are going to have the next few weeks. All suggestions are welcome.