Saturday, April 6, 2013

'F' is for Football, Especially in the South

I know that is it spring, but already teams are readying themselves for the Fall Gridiron Spectacle known as Football.

Don't get me wrong, I love baseball. Maybe one day the Braves will actually make it all the way again. I wonder if they hold the record for most times close but never there? I remember going to watch the games at the old Atlanta Stadium back in the 70's, where a ticket got you into the door, but there were so few people you could sit wherever you wanted.

I saw Hank Aaron hit quite a few of his home runs, listened to the games on the AM radio my father kept beside his bed with my pillow on the floor; but always and forever the fall weekends belong to football. On Friday night it is the high school games with their sense of community.  But Saturday the gloves come off and it is time for old rivals to square off again as college ball takes center stage.

We are a house divided. I cheer for the blue & gold of Georgia Tech. My son, alas, is a UGA Bulldog. And if that wasn't bad enough, now my daughter is hell bend on attending Auburn. Go War Eagle.

For those who manage to survive Saturday, grab a hair of the dog and hang on because the Falcons play on Sunday. That slides us back around to Monday where we will gather around the water cooler and debate the various games and teams until Friday rolls around and we start the entire circus all over again.

Yep, I love baseball, but give me a case of good old fashioned hatred anytime!


  1. I am not a huge sports fan, but my dad loved sports.
    Basket Ball was called round ball. Why I don't know.

    As a kid my dad would take me to random youth baseball games and we'd pick a team and cheer. He managed a team and I was a bat boy when girls didn't do such things.

    When he got older I would do his shopping and spend Saturday with him. We'd watch what ever was in season. We'd pick a team and cheer just like we did in my youth.

  2. For me there is one true sports season, for football. I can watch other sports and have mild interest, but football is the one that captivates my attention. My wife fought a losing battle trying to pull me away from the sport in the beginning of our relationship, but understands now that it is a losing battle.