Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Typing My Fingers to the Bone

If anyone thinks writing is easy, I invite them into my head. So many people, so many conversations - it makes me ill some times. Everyone has to have their turn in the spotlight and so they fight and scream to get their point across. It gets very loud some days.

Currently I am working on the edits for my first book, CATALYST - Guardian Rising. It's exciting, it's fun but mostly it's a challenge. Several suggestions my editor made require rewriting large sections of text. In the beginning the changes seemed overwhelming. But with perseverance  and time I think I will actually make my deadline. Cover art has been discussed and so much is in the planning stages. At last! My oldest dream coming true.

I've also head issues with my permanent job affecting the time I get to spend writing. Fall and Summer are big seasons in the tent rental industry. So in between festivals, fairs, wedding and commercial events I've been working. I haven't had any cotton candy yet this year, so boo on that. No candy apples, no hot dogs, nothing. I miss the cotton candy a lot.

The holiday season will be upon us soon, with lots of family, food, road trips and presents. My goal for this holiday season is to not gain any weight. I might not lose any but I will not be gaining any. Of course, I do have to make two of my fabulous coconut cakes and I have to have a slice to check on the consistency. And to test the bread for Christmas breakfast.  Well, maybe I won't gain any weight.

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