Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween is Tomorrow? Are you Serious?!

I just realized tomorrow is Halloween. Really, I looked it up and everything. October will be gone for another year and November and its rewards will be here again. Am I ready for November. The answer would be: NO!

October came and went without the rich enjoyment I remember from other years. No leaf watching car trips, the North Georgia Mountains have become to crowded to enjoy the fall colors. No trip to the apple farms to pick our own, both weekends of the Apple Festival I was sick. No trips to the high school for Friday night football, my daughter would be mortified if I went and 'embarassed' her.

Which brings up to Halloween and this year's debate: How old is too old to go out Trick or Treating? My son stopped going out for candy in 7th grade. But now, Darling Daughter, who is in 9th grade, has decided after two years of staying home and pushing candy out the door, this year she and her 'boy' friend are going out through the neighborhood. I have exactly two problems with this scenario.

The first one is, high school students are too old for Halloween. Now granted, my child could pass for a 6th grader. She is petite. But she is still in high school. The second problem is, she is going with the 'boy' friend and his friends. Out, in the dark, at night, just with them. See my concern.

True, my daughter is a bright, level headed, intelligent, calm girl. But teenage boys are teenage boys no matter what generation. So, yeah - I'm a little bugged. Unfortunately my son will be working, or I would have him come chaperon. Will Helpful Hubby be home in time to help? I seriously doubt it. This is a busy week for events in our area. So who does that leave?

My mother would say that I am only receiving the payments for all the stress I put on my parents at this age. That's probably true, but it still doesn't get me a chaperon. Of course, I never had one at this age.

Forget the chaperon! I need a body guard! STAT!

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