Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thomas Jefferson where are you?

Our country is in a serious downward spiral. The economy is sinking faster than a concrete block. Jobs are being lost in the blink of an eye and our government is wandering around in a self serving haze.

In New York, Atlanta and other cities around the country, young people are protesting Wall Street and the dysfunction in our banking system. Over the weekend, many saw themselves arrested or harassed. Is there any difference between those who protested the Vietnam War and the draft with those who are now upset with the financial situation here in America? Absolutely not, but that also means these protesters need to accept that with civil disobedience comes the possibility of government retribution.

Our Constitution guarantees us the right to disagree with our government, so long as it is peaceable, which for the most part these young people are maintaining. If we disagree with our elected officials, the time is coming to let them know. That is the second part of our disagreement rights. Exercising our right to vote for our government officials is the most important right we have.

Many people think only national elections are of any importance, and I certainly don't want to diminish them in any way, but local and state elections are the places where many of the laws that affect you personally are decided. If you don't think your local state representatives are protecting the things you cherish, then let them know. Be strong, be polite and be willing to vote the cad out if nothing changes.

If we do not exercise our rights, the government could easily take them from us. Don't ever forget - the consent to govern is mandated by and comes from the people. They should have our interests as a whole country in their programs. That has not been the case for many years.  Maybe we should just throw the entire lot out, or make them all work for minimum wage and have to sign up from Obamacare. Bet we would see things happening them

But Wall Street and the Financial problems require more. Mostly, it will require strong monetary reforms. No more programs like the 'Voodoo' Mortgages. There needs to be common sense exercised in this country. That is, if we can find enough people who still possess any.

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