Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Saturday Well Spent

I like my Saturday's. I like spending time with the solitude and the comfort of the horses. I like working around the barn and, yes, I even like cleaning stalls. I don't like toting water buckets. But the power will be in soon and so will the pump for the well. It is amazing how much we take running water for granted until you have filled and carried 25 - 5 gallon water buckets.

Water shapes everything on this earth. It wears away stone. It moves trees. It has to be carried over by a gator with you don't have it in pipes in your barn.

But I'm thankful for what we do have. Large stalls, skylights, open spaces - it is an awesome place. It helps me think. It helps me write. A lot of my best ideas have actually come while cleaning stalls. Plug in the earphones, turn up the iPod and I can enter a zone unlike any other place.

Today I worked on trimming Penny's mane and tail. My mare has the most gorgeous and natural tail. People pay thousands of dollars for what she grows without effort. With all the rain and the cold, and the surgery and moving, I haven't trimmed her up since November. And then I worked on the compost pile.

And - walked the property to see what changes the latest flood had brought to us. All and all, it isn't that bad. A little more debris washed down, a water bucket floated across the street and half way across the paddock on the other side of the street and all the channels that were dug to help channel the water away are overflowing.

But our barn is high and dry. The horses are fine. Ready to go out and play and stetch their legs, but dry. No leaks in the ceilings. No buckets in the hall to catch the rain. The water can flow, but it can't stop progress. It just makes a path around.

Yep. I like my Saturdays.

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