Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My First Book Signing! A Recap of TNEE 2016

This past weekend I spent in Atlanta at The Novel Experience Event, along with about three hundred or so of my closest new friends!

I have to say, this was an entirely new con experience for me. While I've done DragonCON here in Atlanta many times, this was a reader convention. Approximately 40 writers of various romance genre (from YA to hard core BDSM and everything in between!) and some of the most enthusiastic and wonderful people I have had to chance to meet gathered for a week of fun and relationships.

I have to throw a big thanks out to Stella Price for organizing an amazing time. There were outings with authors, panels, parties, readings, a Fantasy ball and that's just the things I went to. We had coffee breaks and chocolate parties, there was a formal tea and a Jazz-era speakeasy. But the best part was the time spent one on one with the people who matter most - the readers.

Authors are a skittish bunch, and when approached too quickly, tend to run in the opposite direction. But this was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to see some of these people again. I consider their ideas creative and inventive and the stories some of the others had written were awe inspiring.

I had such a good time, I've decide to join them again for Authors After Dark 2016 in Savannah Ga the first part of August. Then I'm debating about joining a panel for DragonCON in the writer's track.

Oh, yes - there was also a book signing last Saturday and I sold books, talked plots, and made new readers (I hope!).

Please, please, please - disregard the expression on my face. God alone knows what I was talking about. But notice the green composition book in front of me?  That little books holds my outlines for Book 3 in the Guardian Stories, working title "A Trial of Fire"; as well as the outline for Book 2 in my new Devlyn Family series, working title "A Family Matter".

Soon I will have a cover reveal for Book 1 in the Devlyn Family, "Welcome to the Family", to be released this summer from The Wild Rose Press. Be on the look out for all the new doings here inside my world!

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