Saturday, February 6, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion Saturday

I've decided to make Saturdays my "Shameless Self-Promotion" days. Today's promotion is for the first two books of "The Guardian Tales"; now available from Keith Publishing.

            On the post nuclear apocalyptic earth, a changed human race is rebuilding and repopulating based upon knowledge and technology saved from the destruction by scientists united by the desire to undo the havoc their creations had caused.  Building storage libraries called Sanctuaries in safe locations around the world; these far seeing academics brought thousands of generations of discoveries and inventions from the past into the different earth of the future. But the human race had changed through the eons of chaos. Radiation and need had created those capable of mastering different element or healing the sick with no outside help. Man and his home world were new creations, Five Kingdoms sharing a past but with divergent futures.

Begin the adventure!

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