Monday, August 26, 2013

Madonna, Miley, and the VMA's

Let me start by saying I did not watch Miley Cyrus' performance live. I was busy writing (nights are my time to focus on WIPs), so I didn't see what all the hub bub was about until this morning.

Well, where do you start?

First of all, I like some of the singer's music but last night was not about music. This was one young lady's way of telling the world she isn't the little wig-wearing Disney princess anymore. While I certainly question her taste, the entire performance was large and in charge. Not since Kanye bum rushed Taylor has an awards show been front and center before the event was even over! While I know Justin Timberlake won the big award, I couldn't tell you any of the other winners without looking them up.

That brings us to the taste element. MTV strives everyday to push the boundary of non-subscription television, and this was no exception. Let's not forget this is the same network that brought us the Kiss Seen Around the World between Britney and Madonna; and will Eminem ever truly forgive Sasha Baron Cohen for sticking his crotch in his face? Not sure I would!

Extreme television sells, and every wild performance simply leads to the producers working to be more outlandish next year; and because we all remember how scandalous the previous one, I don't see an end to this trend anytime soon. 

What I would prefer is to see these homages to artists and performers turn to cable television as a pay-per-view event, or if they would show the awards on live television (with a delay) but put the musical extravaganzas on You Tube or some other streaming video service. I want the option of watching the event without wondering whose going to take the dive into the deep end of the pool.

Since I don't see this happening anytime soon, I will take the higher ground and consider the source. Would I expect less from MTV? No, and neither does the viewing public; we have come to expect the outrageous and would have been disappointed if nothing happened. Sort of like the spectators in the Coliseum when the gladiators fought, we want to see the blood shed.

All that said, Miley is over twenty-one and in charge of her own life. If she wants to push the envelope, it's hers to push. More power to her, but that sort of fame tends to be fleeting. Here's to hoping she finds her niche soon, before any credibility as a serious performer becomes over-shadowed by her theatrics.

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