Friday, January 11, 2013

I Have Lost My Mind, Again

Last summer helpful hubby and I created our first vegetable garden since our marriage twenty-five years ago. It was a comedy from beginning to end but I did end up with quite a haul in canned beans and pickles. Well last night I did it again. The wheels have been set in motion for another adventure - I ordered this season's seeds.

While we did manage to get seed from most of our harvest, the tomatoes, watermelon, and corn were a bust. I decided what I'm going to do is take seeds from last year and new ones just in case. I believe this is called hedging your bets. If what I did last year was wrong, I have a Plan B.

After carefully shopping websites for heirloom seeds, I settled on Victory Heirloom Seeds. The prices were reasonable for the quantity of seed provided, and their website was easy to navigate. Why heirloom seeds? First of all what I am trying to do is create my own sustainable seed bank. Second, I don't try seeds that have been grown as hybrid. There is no way to know what was used to produce the plants. Third - these taste better than hybrids!

Last Sunday I made my way down to the garden spot to check everything out and who did I find nesting there but my old nemesis - turnip greens! Angered I stomped off to see the cows. Let them enjoy the sun while they can! Soon it will be time to fire up the tractor and weed those greens out for good!

So as I work on my newest WIP and await word on two submissions a part of my brain will be making garden plan-o-grams and composting horse manure for fertilizer. That should make the winter go faster, waiting for the sun to return to this hemisphere and for nature's bounty to begin poking their little heads through the warm ground.

Turnip greens - this is you last warning!

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