Monday, October 15, 2012

Politics, Religion, and the Great Pumpkin

Well, it's that time again - Election Time. Normally I don't practise politics in mixed company (Democrats and Republicans), but I thought it might be interesting to put my opinions down on paper; forgetting the cardinal rule in our family - Never discuss politics, religion or the Great Pumpkin.

Now I know you are wondering what the heck the Great Pumpkin has to do with politics. It doesn't. But he invokes strong opinions, just like the other two subjects. I have discovered people are very vocal about their own opinions regarding politics and religion.

Party-wise, I will say upfront I am a registered Republican. Do I vote a straight party ticket? No. Do I blindly adhere to all the planks of the Republican platform? No.. Do I use my brain? Always.

The greatest gift we enjoy in this country is the right to choose our leaders. But it can also be our weakest link. When it comes time to elect the men and women who will spend our hard earned money, it seems lately people are not studying the facts behind the rhetoric. News Flash People: not everything candidates or their commericals say is true. Both side stretch and distort until without research it is impossible to tell fact from fiction.

This is on purpose people! If it is hard to check the facts, people won't do it. Let's face it, as a society we expect the newspeople to check our facts for us. Second News Flash - newspeople are not neutral! There was a time when journalists reported the news without bias, but that ended with CNN. Both sides report things as they see them, which may or may not be accurate depending on which side of the argument they agree with.

So, what do I believe it? I believe in America, not as a political system, but a country built on the premise that with his own hands, a man can go from indentured servant to prosperous businessman. A country that said it didn't care where you came from or who you were - this is a land of new beginnings.

I want a conservative approach to giving away my money. If a country doesn't like us, why should we try to buy their friendship? How well has that worked for us so far? How about we take some of those millions going overseas and spend them right here at home, where the money is truly needed. Remember the adage - charity begins at home? I don't think Congress does.

I think government should stay out of healthcare. I favor a strong military as a deterrent to other countries thinking we are sitting ducks for another 9/11. While I personally object to abortion, I will defend to the death a woman's right to make her own decisions. It's called free will, and if it's good enough for our Creator, it's good enough for me.

Our tax system isn't fair to any of the classes, and the small businessman is being squeezed. If all that stimulus money had gone to the companies who create jobs, it would have gone to the small local businesses.  And, no matter how you re-name it, wealth redistribution smacks of the basic tenents of Communism.

For more than two hundred thirty-five years, this nation has survived internal strife, war on our soil and across the oceans, civil rights battles, and anti-war demonstrations. But I am afraid that apathy by our own citizens might be the downfall of the greatest democracy / republic the world has ever seen.

So in prepartion for the November elections - do yourself and everyone else a favor. VOTE!

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