Sunday, August 7, 2011

What a Weekend!

Have you ever had a weekend that, as soon as Sunday evening rolled around all you could think was - I need a Do Over!

It went by entirely too fast and several things didn't exactly turn out the way they were planned, and now the sun is going down and I have a list a mile long of things that didn't get accomplished. I find this happening more often the older I get.

When you are a child, every day seems too short to pack everything into, but the special days and the years between crawled. Do you remember the feeling that Christmas would never arrive? Or, how long it took to become a teenager? How long did it take between turning 15 and getting a learner's permit to 16 and getting your own set of keys to Mom's car? The biggest - the feeling time would stop before you became old enough to drink?

Time is a mysterious force. It can race away when you are hand in hand with first love. It can crawl with infinite slowness during chemistry class. I heard on a news show the other day when Congress was debating the budget mess that 1 million seconds ago was in the 1970's; 1 billion seconds ago was sometime in the 1600s and 1 trillion seconds ago was around 20,000 BC. Numbers vast beyond our comprehension, counting away the moments of our existence.

In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, Hermione is gifted with a time turner in order to meet her tremendous academic obligations. Oh, what a modern wife and mother wouldn't give for such a treasure! To accomplish all that we set out in a to-do list without editing for the constrictors of time would be a fantasy anyone would buy into. But at what price?

If we could redo time, what we undo? Death? Love? Unravel the fabric of the universe? Wow, maybe just learning to live with the time we have is best.

For now.

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