Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lots of things going on, which is why this hasn't been updated in a while!

Work is busy, but we have a bit of a down week this weekend, so I can spend some time with the family, the horses, and most important - the new book.

CATALYST is with my awesome editor. For the next six weeks, he will be dissecting and correcting my baby. The good part is - I know he loves the story and will not try to swing things away from what I am trying to accomplish. A good editor is a price beyond measure. JD is great, I am so lucky God sent me in his direction.

Still trying to get noticed by a publisher, but I know that will happen when God is ready. It's a good story and I know it will resonate with someone.

School is almost over for the year. Standardized test scores are in and we are ready (almost) for summer. Daughter has lots planned - son intends to work and save for a car.

Not too much else to post, I really have some words burning for book two of the trilogy. I have to strike while the words are hot!

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